Background Lando Bosma is a PhD-student in experimental clinical physics. He completed his studies in theoretical physics at the Radboud University in 2019.

Combining his interests in mathematical problem solving and real-world applications, he is now working on the POPCORN project, under supervision of Cornel Zachiu, Mario Ries, Baudouin Denis de Senneville and Bas Raaymakers. The goal of the POPCORN project is to improve image registrations (finding the changes between two MR images, for example) using knowledge of the physiological or biomechanical properties of the anatomies on these images. Reliable and physiologically accurate registrations can be used to accumulate or reconstruct the truly delivered dose and to adapt the treatment plan, paving the way for (real-time) adaptive treatments on the MR-linac.


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Keywords: Deformable image registration | Dose accumulation | Adaptive real-time MRI-guided radiotherapy

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