About: The Experimental Clinical Physics group is developing, exploring and clinically evaluating new workflows for the hybrid 1.5T MRI linac. This system has been developed in UMC Utrecht and is currently on the market via Elekta as the Unity system. At UMC Utrecht two clinical Unity systems are operational, the third one will follow later in 2021, whereas the original prototype system is still present as a museum piece. The group is working to live up to the promise of the MRILinac, that is, mitigate the impact of anatomical motion on the radiotherapy treatment for higher precision radiation delivery. To achieve this, expansion of functionality of the MRILinac is addressed to enable for instance gating and/or tracking of the radiation beam, on-the-fly re-planning and arc therapy. New real-time machine interaction is explored but also a rapid prototype environment is built up to develop and evaluate new workflows.


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STOPSTORM is the acronym for ‚ÄúStandardized Treatment and Outcome Platform for Stereotactic Therapy Of Re-entry tachycardia by a Multidisciplinary‚ÄĚ consortium.

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Clinical introduction online and real-time MRI guided prostate cancer radiotherapy

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Changing Horizons

New perspectives for metastasized cancer patients: Developing MRI-PET guided radiotherapy.

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Developing time-resolved dosimetry for real-time QA.

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Improving image registration by using physiologic data.

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Develop and explore new workflows for the Unity MRI linac.

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Adapting lung radiotherapy in a heartbeat.

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Rapid prototyping of new adaptive workflow for conebeamCT guided systems.

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Martin Fast
Associate Professor
Bram van Asselen
Clinical Physicist
Jochem Wolthaus
Clinical Physicist
Simon Woodings
Clinical Physicist
Sara Hackett
Clinical Physicist
Pim Borman
Clinical Computer Scientist
Peter Woodhead
Visiting staff
Anette Houweling
Medical physicist
Hans de Boer
Medical physicist
Gert Meijer
Medical physicist
Astrid van Lier
Medical physicist
Jan Kok
(MR)linac wizzard
Wilfred de Vries
Clinical Physicist Engineer
Arian van Appeldoorn
Accelerator Engineer