Gijsbert Bol studied Computer Science at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. After graduating (cum laude), he continued working at the radiotherapy department as a computer scientist, where he implemented dedicated research and clinical software for treatment planning, tumor and OAR delineation, and data management. Besides this, he was given the opportunity to initiate his own research project, which resulted in a PhD thesis called Towards online MRI-guided radiotherapy.

Gijsbert Bol was heavily involved in building the software for the first-in-human MRILinac treatments in 2017 and the clinical introduction of the MRILinac in 2018. He is now working on online adaptive workflows on both the MRLinac and on the CBCT linacs in collaboration with Elekta.

Along with Alexis Kotte, Gijsbert Bol set up a software quality management system (QMS) to meet the requirements of the EU’s Medical Device Regulation. The system received ISO13485 certification in 2019.


Keywords: Radiotherapy | MRI guided radiotherapy | Adaptive radiotherapy | Real-time adaptation | Online treatment planning | Workflow management software

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