The ADEQUATE project is a NWO TTW supported project. It stands for AutomateD and rEal-time QUality Assurance for Adaptive radioThErapy. The goal is to develop a real-time quality assurance (QA) methodology for real-time adaptive radiotherapy. The clinical introduction of the Unity MRI linac does yield daily plan adaptations while we are exploring even more frequent, ultimately real-time, plan adaptations. The conventional QA approaches are not applicable if the treatment plan is changed frequently and within ADEQUATE we will address this challenge. The machine and patient related uncertainties as function of time during the treatment are addressed separately and the aim is to be able to state the delivered dose at any given moment during the treatment, for any given point in the anatomy including the corresponding uncertainty on that dose. The project is supported by NWO TTW and by a consortium of Elekta, ModusQA, ScandiDos and Rtsafe.


Simon Woodings
Clinical Physicist
Bram van Asselen
Clinical Physicist
Jochem Wolthaus
Clinical Physicist
Sara Hackett
Clinical Physicist
Wilfred de Vries
Clinical Physicist Engineer
Arian van Appeldoorn
Accelerator Engineer