Thomas Willigenburg studied Medicine at Utrecht University. During his medical studies, he did multiple internships (both clinical and research-related) at the Radiation Oncology department of the UMC Utrecht. After obtaining his Medical degree (cum laude) in 2018 and working as a medical docter for a while, Thomas started a PhD in 2019 at the Radiation Oncology department of the UMC Utrecht, focused on MR-Linac treatment for prostate cancer. During his PhD, he obtained a master’s degree in Clinical Epidemiology and Medical Statistics at Utrecht University.

Thomas’ work focuses on working towards the clinical implementation of newly developed workflows and methodologies for MR-Linac treatment of prostate cancer. Furthermore, evaluation of current MR-Linac prostate cancer treatment and (future) implementation of MR-Linac treatment for other prostate cancer-related indications, such as recurrent prostate cancer, are key topics.


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Keywords: MRI-guided radiotherapy | MR-Linac | Prostate cancer | Deformable Image Registration and Contour Propagation |

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